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PE Curriculum Statement 2023- 2024


PE at Mount Carmel intends to teach enjoyable, high quality PE lessons to ensure all children know the importance of physical health and live an active, healthy lifestyle. Mount Carmel aims to ensure children become physically literate by developing the knowledge, skills and understanding to perform movements confidently and competently. The children learn the fundamental movement skills through varied activities, including: dance, athletics, gymnastics, games, swimming and water safety and outdoor adventure activities.

Through the teaching of PE we endeavour for the children to achieve:

  • Confidence in expressing, performing and articulating their own ideas
  • Confidence and fluency to be able to link actions, sequences of movement and a range of movement patterns
  • Confidence in developing flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance
  • Confidence and feel happy in the water. Able to swim competently, confidently and proficiently for a minimum of 25m
  • Application of a range of values to a variety of physical activities
  • Ability to accurately evaluate and analyse performance, recognising success and demonstrate improvement to achieve their personal best
  • Demonstration of leadership, captaincy and inclusion. The ability to motivate others. The ability to effectively communicate and collaborate
  • Resilience – a positive attitude, especially when losing; accepts responsibility; motivates rather than blames others
  • Perseverance – able to lose and to learn from losing
  • Understanding that sustained activity is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the future
  • To know the value of self-worth in physical and mental well-being


  • Foundation Stage— Pupils in EYFS participate in physical activity daily through the provision of structured and free play. Children are introduced to environments that develop control and co-ordination in gross and fine motor skills. The environment helps children to move confidently and safely through space in a range of ways. Teachers help children to understand factors that contribute to keeping healthy and children are able to say the things they can do to keep themselves safe and healthy. EYFS have access to the school hall for structured activities twice a week.
  • Key Stage 1 & 2 – Pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 have two hours of high quality PE each week.
  • Year 4 attend weekly swimming and water safety lessons.
  • PE is further supported by Get Set 4 PE, which enables teachers to offer a variety of sports and develop students' skills.
  • A variety of lunchtime and afterschool clubs are being provided by Fifth Movement, which can be accessed by all children. 
  • Key Stage 1- To encourage lifelong participation they access a range of learning experiences which support the development of competent and confident movers. (See curriculum overview)
  • Lower Key Stage 2- Develop and apply a broad range of skills in different contexts. Children are becoming more competent with creative, social and thinking skills in PE. The children are gaining an understanding of the positive benefits of being physically active. (See curriculum overview)
  • Upper Key Stage 2- Pupils are competent and confident in their physical, social, and thinking skills which they continue to develop and apply to a variety of activities and sports. Children are developing leadership skills and are able to articulate the health benefits of regular exercise and enjoy a healthy diet.
  • SEND and adaptive teaching- Teachers are supported to deliver inclusive PE ensuring all children who have special educational needs (SEN) or disabilities fully access and engage in PE lessons. All lessons and activities will be adapted by class teachers using the STTEP approach to ensure progress and enjoyment by all pupils.








Physical Activity & Sport

During lunchtimes, Fifth movement target specific year groups from KS2 for physical activity. In both departments, teaching assistants and playground friends organise and resource games to keep children active. Lunchtime sport clubs for football, basketball and netball are also offered to pupils. In the afternoon, children will choose to walk or run the 'Daily Mile'. This provides an opportunity to re-energise pupils as well as increase their physical activity.

Furthermore, the school provides:

  • Year 1 and Year 5 receive bikeability training.
  • Year 6 have an annual residential trip to undertake a variety of outdoor adventure activities.
  • Mount Carmel is part of the Living Streets WOW Walk to School project to encourage pupils to walk to school to gain the physical, environmental and mental health benefits.
  • In the summer term, Sports Day is held for EYFS and KS1. The children participate in classic sporting events, such as: running race, skipping race, balance a beanbag on your head etc…
  • Intra-sport competitions take place in KS2, giving house- captains and sports/ playground leaders a chance to develop their sports and leadership skills. Children have the opportunity to compete in athletics, dodgeball, dance, football, netball, basketball, hockey and rounders.
  • Children must be encouraged by all staff to live a healthy lifestyle. Children are encouraged to engage in the sporting life of the school through advertising the various clubs provided by Fifth Movement: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Yoga, Gymnastics, Taekwondo.
  • Mount Carmel is part of the Manchester PE Association which provides training and inter- sport competitions to ensure the continued professional development of staff and access to competitive sport for all abilities.


All children make progress in each year group to have the understanding and knowledge to perform a broad range of physical activities and skills confidently and competently. They are able to engage in physical activity for sustained periods of time and compete against themselves and others. They understand the importance of leading a healthy and active life. Children enjoy being physically active and Mount Carmel has instilled a lifelong habit of being physically active.

Assessment, questionnaires and surveys (from teachers and children) are used to inform curriculum planning to ensure children engage with their learning and their needs are met. 


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