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Spring 1 wk 3 w/c 18/01/21

Date: 14th Jan 2021 @ 1:05pm

Good morning everyone! 

Please find below a list of the activities we will be doing this week along with our daily zoom sessions. 

Rhyme of the week 
Hickory dickory dock 🐭🕰

We will continue to share our text: ‘Be Brave Little Penguin’ by Giles Andreae and Giles Parker-Rees. We will be recapping what we have read so far and predicting what we think will happen next. Will Pip Pip ever go into the water? Please remember, we will be reading a few pages of our text each day and talking more about what is happening in the illustrations and using the words to give us some more infrmtion about the story.  

* From Tuesday, prerecorded literacy sessions will be uploaded to Tapestry memos and the nursery pages on the website. These sessions will focus on sharing and talking about our key text. 

This week our focus will be using and understanding positional language. From Monday, daily prerecorded maths sessions will be uploaded to Tapestry memos and the nursery pages on our website. 

Phonics sessions and dough disco will take place on the 11:30 a.m. zoom call.  We will continue to introduce the children to the idea of rhyme and alliteration. This week we will be sharing lots more silly rhyming stories. 

Topic - this will be taught alongside our key literacy text. This week we will find out more about ice and snow. We will learn all about igloos and what an Inuit is. 
1) Can you make an igloo? What will you use? 

That's not my Penguin! His tummy is too... Can you create your own penguin and give him a textured tummy? 


Whole nursery zoom on Tue 3:00 pm with Mrs Flanagan. 
Challenge - 

Daily to do list - we have listed some activities that you can do with your child everyday (or whenever you get chance). These are activities that we would be encouraging children to practise during this half term in nursery.

Files to Download

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