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Different Places, Similar Lives Homework

Date: 3rd Apr 2019 @ 3:01pm

Dear Parents/Carers,

This half term the children will be studying Different Places, Similar Lives. Therefore, I would like to challenge the children to be creative and take responsibility for their own learning at home.

I would like the children to select one of the following tasks and make it their own. The children will then present their homework to the class and discuss what they created, what software they used, what they learnt and finally what they enjoyed about their homework.

I would like the children to have time to create produce their presentation, so for that reason, I am giving them until Friday 5th April 2019

*Films or photos can be tweeted to @Mount_Carmel1

Here are a few examples of what you could do:

  • Select a country and create a presentation
  • Teach the class a different language
  • Make a video to put on in class
  • Cook some food inspired by your favourite country (Send me pictures or show me a PowerPoint/video)
  • Produce a fact file about a country of your choice
  • If you have a friend/relative in another country, ask them to send you a video of them telling you about their life in their country.
  • Bring in a letter you received from someone in another country.
  • Design a map
  • Create a quiz
  • Perform a traditional dance from your chosen country.
  • Write a poem
  • Remember this is a list of ideas but please don’t forget you can do anything from your own creative ideas.


The last projects you helped your children with were extraordinary and impressed me so much so thank you for your ongoing support.


Miss Scott and Miss Hegarty

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